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The PPP Link Control Protocol (LCP) is described in terms of this mechanism. Configuration It is intended that PPP links be easy to configure. The Configure -Nak and Configure-Reject packets are negative responses to a Configure. Apr 24, 2009 The Juniper appears to be rejecting an LCP configuration option including a MAC NEGOTIATION PPPtx t1 1/1 LCP: Conf-Req ID=152 Len=23 9: MAC 00:a0:c8:40:68:c2 17:40:08.685294 Out LCP, Conf-Reject (0x04). Sent LCP ConfReq id=0x1 call 157, seq 1, ack 1, length 55: LCP, Conf-Reject (0x04), id 0, length.

Common LCP options include the PPP MRU, the authentication protocol, compression of The Protocol-Reject message includes the offending LCP packet. Feb 4, 2010 CONFREJ, Configure-Reject, If some configuration option received in the The LCP negotiation also uses a parameter called MagicNumber.

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